Bank Jobs 2024 are very popular Job in India. They offer good job security and good salary, and chances to grow your career. Banks like SBI, RBI, PNB and Indian Bank are looking to hire people for roles like Probationary Officer (PO), Bak Casher and Clerk. Many people take these exams with the help of IBPS. This page shows all the Upcoming & And Currently bank job openings. It helps you keep up with the latest news about Bank Jobs exams in 2024.

Bank Job

Key Takeaways

  • Bank jobs 2024 are highly sought-after government positions in India
  • Various public and private sector banks release recruitment notifications for diverse roles
  • The common recruitment process is conducted by IBPS, attracting lakhs of candidates
  • This page consolidates the latest bank job openings and upcoming exam notifications
  • Staying updated on the bank exams 2024 is crucial for job seekers

The year 2024 will have lots of bank exams. This is good news for those wanting jobs in banks across India. The exams like IBPS RRB, Clerk, PO, SO, and SBI’s PO, Clerk, and SO are all happening.


The IBPS RRB 2024 exam is coming up for Officer Scale and Office Assistants. The exams will start later this year. If you want to work in regional rural banks, now is your chance.

IBPS Clerk 2024

The IBPS Clerk 2024 exam offers jobs in banks for clerks. Its exams will start later this year. It’s a great way to begin a career in banking.

IBPS PO 2024

The IBPS PO 2024 exam is for those wanting to be Probationary Officers. It is set for later this year. Be ready, as it’s quite a tough exam.

IBPS SO 2024

The IBPS SO 2024 exam is for Specialist Officers. It is your chance to use your special skills in banking. The exam details will come out soon.

SBI PO 2024

The SBI PO 2024 exam is for the State Bank of India’s Probationary Officers. Watch out for the exam notice. You can take the exams this year.

SBI Clerk 2024

The SBI Clerk 2024 exam is for clerks. Anticipate the exams this year after the notice comes out. It’s a big opportunity.

SBI SO 2024

The SBI SO 2024 exam is for Specialist Officers in SBI. It’s an upcoming chance to grow in a big bank. Keep an eye out for the exam news.

In 2024, many bank exam chances are coming up. Very soon, you can apply for jobs in different banking roles. Remember, preparing well is the key to success in these competitive exams.

Latest Bank Recruitment 2024

The Latest Bank Recruitment 2024 has jobs like IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO, and more. Banks want to hire new people this year. Many banks have open jobs now, with more coming soon.

These jobs are at all levels, from basic to high positions. It’s a great chance for students and anyone looking for a job in banking.

The latest bank recruitment 2024 offers jobs in public and private banks. This includes roles like IBPS Clerk 2024 and IBPS PO 2024. Everyone is excited because these jobs come with good pay.

If you want to take the ibps clerk 2024ibps po 2024, or ibps so 2024 exams, get ready. Keep checking for updates. These jobs are a great way to start your career in banking.

Bank Exams 2024: Complete List

The banking industry is looking for graduates for many job types. This article has info on the 2024 bank exams. It includes the release dates for the exams. The IBPS has already out its schedule for the Clerk and PO exams, as well as the RRB ones.

The IBPS exam calendar 2024 is a guide for those wanting banking jobs. It lets people plan their study for the tests. Knowing when the exams are helps people do well in the hiring process.

Exam NameNotification DatePrelims Exam DateMains Exam Date
IBPS RRB Officer Scale 1, 2, 3June 2024August 2024October 2024
IBPS RRB Office AssistantJune 2024August 2024October 2024
IBPS POJuly 2024September 2024November 2024
IBPS ClerkAugust 2024October 2024December 2024
IBPS SOSeptember 2024November 2024January 2025

“The IBPS exam calendar helps aspirants plan their study. This can improve their chance of passing the 2024 bank exams.”

bank exams 2024

Latset Bank Job

The banking sector in India is growing quickly. This makes the need for qualified workers high. If you aim to get a bank job, there are many chances in public and private banks.

Eligibility Criteria

To get a bank job, you must have a bachelor’s degree from a known university. You also need to be the right age and have the right education, as each bank says. The rules to join a bank might change based on the job. Some jobs need special skills or past work in banking.

Selection Process

Getting a bank job takes a few steps. First, there’s a pre-test. Then, a big written test comes next. If you pass those, there’s a talk with the bank team. You need to do well in all these steps to win the job.

Bank jobs in 2024 are very popular in India. They offer safety, good pay, and chances to grow in your career. Many people apply for these jobs through a big test set by the IBPS. This test has several steps, including exams and interviews.

Bank Recruitment 2024

The banking sector in India has a rich history. Various public sector banks, financial institutions, and regulatory authorities shaped it. As we approach the bank recruitment 2024, it’s key to know about the bank exams’ history.

History of Bank Exams in India

The history of bank exams in India began in the 1960s. The government nationalized private banks, creating public sector banks. It then introduced common recruitment exams, like Probationary Officers (PO) and Clerical exams, conducted by IBPS.

Specialized exams for different roles emerged over time. This includes exams for Specialist Officers (SO), Management Trainees (MT), and RRB Officers. The RBI and NABARD also provide career opportunities. Bank exams have become more varied and competitive.

Bank recruitment 2024 will be very competitive. Lakhs of candidates will compete for a few positions. Exams by the IBPS, SBI, and others are crucial. They help candidates find jobs in the prestigious banking sector.

The history of bank exams in India shows the sector’s strength. It proves the government’s effort to offer diverse careers. This has been beneficial for many qualified individuals over the years.

Upcoming Private Bank Recruitment 2024

Public banks have been big in India, but private sector bank jobs are growing fast. Banks like HDFC BankAxis Bank, and Kotak Mahindra Bank are looking for people. They are having upcoming private bank recruitment 2024 for roles such as clerks and officers.

BankRecruitment TypeNotification DateExam Date
HDFC BankClerkJanuary 2024March 2024
Axis BankOfficerFebruary 2024April 2024
Kotak Mahindra BankClerk, OfficerMarch 2024May 2024
ICICI BankClerk, OfficerApril 2024June 2024
IndusInd BankClerkMay 2024July 2024

If you want a private sector bank job, keep an eye on these banks. Watch for the upcoming private bank recruitment 2024 info. This way, you’ll know when they’re hiring.

Syllabus for Bank Recruitment 2024

Banks are joining together, making less job openings in public sector banks (PSBs). This makes it tough for those wanting bank recruitment 2024 positions. Many people are applying for these few jobs. Knowing what to study and the bank exam pattern is very important to pass these bank exams.

To get ready for the bank recruitment 2024 syllabus, learn about the test’s setup and what topics are focused on. This will help manage your study time better. It will also increase your chances of getting a job in the bank.

Exam SubjectWeightage
Reasoning Ability25-30%
Quantitative Aptitude25-30%
English Language20-25%
General Awareness15-20%
Computer Knowledge5-10%

Understanding the bank exam syllabus and its subjects lets you make a smart study plan. By mastering the main ideas, doing lots of practice tests, and following the news, you can do well in the bank recruitment 2024 tests. This is vital to stand out in the job application crowd for banks.

All India Mock Test for Bank Exams

Candidates getting ready for the bank recruitment 2024 need to practice with All India Mocks. This allows them to evaluate their prep and performance on current patterns. All India Mock Tests make it easier to get the hang of a particular exam’s pattern. It helps improve speed and accuracy to do well in the exam.

It’s very important to practice with bank exam mock test in your prep. These mock tests give a real look at how well you know the stuff. It lets you see your strong and weak points. Through these all india mock test for bank exams, you’ll become familiar with the test’s format, managing your time, and the kinds of questions to expect.

Taking all india mock test for bank exams also teaches you how to plan for the exam. By checking your scores in the mocks, you can adjust your prep. You focus on what you need to improve on and get better at managing your time. This makes you more likely to succeed in the bank exam.

Regularly doing bank exam mock test raises your confidence. It also makes you used to the test’s latest pattern and question types. With this method of prep, test-takers get ready to face the bank exam with confidence. They aim to reach their goals.

Upcoming Bank Recruitment 2024: Preparation Strategy

If you want a job in the public sector banks in 2024, follow a good preparation plan. This guide will help you prepare well. It includes understanding the syllabus, making a study plan, and doing practice tests.

Know the Syllabus

Start by getting to know what the bank exam syllabus and bank exam pattern will be. Study the topics, and know how much each part counts in the test. This helps make a good bank recruitment 2024 preparation strategy.

Study Plan

Make a plan that covers everything you need to study. Stick to your plan and make sure to give enough time to each subject. This is a key part of your bank exam tips.


Learn the main ideas in Reasoning, Math, and English. Knowing the basics well is crucial for the bank exam syllabus.

Reasoning Strategy

Get better at solving Reasoning questions by practicing a lot. Be ready for different types of questions in the test. This will help you a lot.

Quantitative Strategy

To do well in Math, practice a lot to be faster and more accurate. Keep up with the newest trends in Math for the bank recruitment 2024 exams.

English Language

To improve your English, focus on grammar, vocabulary, and reading. Doing this will make you better at the English part. Consistent practice with bank exam pattern questions is also key.

Current Affairs

Know what’s happening in the world of banking and the economy. This knowledge is important for the Current Affairs part of the test. It makes your bank exam preparation stronger.

Short Notes

Keep short notes on important topics, formulas, and more. These notes will be very helpful for quick reviews before the test.


Practice a lot to do well in the bank exam. Work on questions that are like the ones in the bank exam pattern. Also, do mock tests to see where you can improve.

Mock Test

Take all India mock tests to check your preparation. These tests help you get used to the test’s format. They also show you what you need to work on.


Look carefully at how you do in mock tests and past exams. Figure out what you’re good at and what you need to work more on. Use this to make your study plan better.

Previous Year Papers

Solve old test papers to get a feel for the real test. This lets you see the type of questions and how hard they are. It’s a big help in preparing for the bank exams 2024.

Public Sector Banks and Headquarters

The Indian banking world has many public sector banks all over. Each one has its special place in every area. These public sector banks in India help include more people in finance. They also boost the country’s economy. Knowing where these banks are and other important facts is key for anyone wishing to work in banking.

Bank NameHeadquartersTagline
State Bank of India (SBI)Mumbai, MaharashtraThe Banker’s Bank
Bank of BarodaVadodara, GujaratIndia’s International Bank
Punjab National BankNew Delhi, National Capital RegionThe Name You Can Bank Upon
Canara BankBengaluru, KarnatakaSmart Banking
Bank of IndiaMumbai, MaharashtraRelationship beyond Banking
Union Bank of IndiaMumbai, MaharashtraGood People to Bank With
Indian BankChennai, Tamil NaduYour Own Bank
Indian Overseas BankChennai, Tamil NaduGood People to Bank With
Central Bank of IndiaMumbai, MaharashtraCentral to You Since 1911
Bank of MaharashtraPune, MaharashtraOne Family One Bank

This detailed table lists the public sector bank headquarters in India. It gives insight into where these big banks are. By learning this, people wanting to join these banks can understand them better. This knowledge might help during the hiring process.

public sector banks in india

Private Sector Banks and Headquarters

India’s banking world has more than famous public banks. Many private banks are here as well. They are key in the country’s money system. The list shows 21 private banks in India and their main offices.

HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, and Yes Bank are known. They are strong in India’s bank scene, serving people and companies. This info is good for those looking for jobs in private banks.

Knowing where these private banks are shows how the banking world works. It helps job seekers pick the best banks for their goals. India’s private banks offer many careers for skilled people, in areas like retail or corporate banking.


What are the key highlights of bank jobs in 2024?

In 2024, bank jobs are very popular in India. Many people want these government jobs because they are safe, pay well, and offer good chances to grow. Each year, a lot of candidates take the exams held by IBPS.

When will the upcoming bank exams 2024 be conducted?

The IBPS Calendar shows the dates for the 2024 bank exams. These include posts like IBPS RRB Officer, Office Assistant, and more. You can find all the dates in our article.

What are the latest bank recruitment notifications for 2024?

This year, IBPS is looking to hire for Clerk, PO, and SO positions. Many other banks are also hiring and have posted their job openings. There could be more opportunities soon.

How are the bank exams conducted?

These exams are held at a national level. They are for graduates who want to work in different jobs at banks. The process usually includes a Prelims exam, Mains exam, and an Interview.

Why is it important to be aware of the upcoming bank recruitment 2024?

State Bank of India, NABARD, RBI, and IBPS frequently offer jobs. Knowing about these opportunities is key for those wanting to work in the banking sector in India. It allows them to prepare well.

What are the private sector banks conducting recruitment in 2024?

Some private banks are hiring for Clerk and Officer positions. The recruitment involves an online written exam. We list these banks in our article.

What are the challenges faced by candidates in the upcoming bank recruitment 2024?

Fewer vacancies in public banks due to mergers make it tough for candidates. The competition is strong, with many applying for few positions. This makes the 2024 exams more challenging.

How can candidates prepare effectively for the upcoming bank exams 2024?

Those aiming for public bank jobs in 2024 should have a solid study plan. Our article gives tips on how to prepare well, understand the syllabus, and practice with tests and past papers.

What are the public sector banks operating in India and their headquarters?

You can find a table in our article with the public banks in India. It also includes their taglines and main offices.

What are the private sector banks operating in India?

Our article has a list of the 21 private banks working in India’s financial sector. They are active and contribute to the country’s banking industry.